Master Ecologie Fonctionnelle Comportementale et Evolutive (EFCE)

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Master 1 biodiversité écologie évolution
Master 2 écologie fonctionnelle comportementale et évolutive
International MAster of Biodiversity Ecology and Evolution 'IMABEE'

Second-year Master EFCE (Functional, Behavioral and Evolutionary Ecology), specialization within the Master Ecology and Environment.

The objective of EFCE is to offer an education by research in the field of ecology. The originality of EFCE is its complementarity among ecosystem, behavioral and evolutionary ecology. 76 % of the holders of the EFCE degree succeed in obtaining a funding for a doing a PhD, at Rennes or elsewhere in France and beyond.

EFCE is highly recognized. EFCE is ranked highest ("A+") by the national evaluation by AERES, the most recent evaluations does not give grades any more. EFCE has been listed by the journal Le Nouvel Observateur among the '300 nuggets of the university'. EFCE holders have a high success on the national and international job market in research and research & development (see "employment of past students").

Applications & registrations for M2 EFCE:

This M2 is a continuation of the Master 1 EFCE. Students with a Master 1 in ecology, evolutionary biology or related fields are eligible, as well as second-year "ingénieur" students  from Agrocampus Rennes. Candidates must fill in a dossier which will be evaluated. Dossiers are to be submitted by  beginning of June 2021 (precise date to be communicated) via the tuition service "scolarité" of the University of Rennes I at: For any administrative questions please contact Veresa Moraes Le Sage (veresa [dot] moraeslesageatuniv-rennes1 [dot] fr). Dossiers will be selected by end of June and students will be notified by beginning of July.


Master Projects

The Master project takes place from January to June, but note that the literature project should already prepare the Master project and has to be submitted in beginning of January. A list of proposed Master projects will be available on the website of M2EFCE in July. This list is not compulsory, and students are free to search for other Master projects in Rennes, or outside, including abroad - provided the projects in France are funded like those proposed, i.e. at approx 3100 Euros in total, and that the majority of students remains at Rennes. All external internship subjects must be confirmed by the heads of the Master (philippe [dot] vandenkoornhuyseatuniv-rennes1 [dot] frManuel [dot] Plantegenestatagrocampus-ouest [dot] fr;   andreas [dot] prinzingatuniv-rennes1 [dot] fr). Such external internship subjects should contain: title, summary (approx. 250 words) of concept and methodological approach, and names and affiliations of supervisors. 

Master projects from Rennes are presented beginning of September and final choices of Master projects have be made by end of September.