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Sur la période 2015-2019, 31 publications internationales ont valorisés des résultats acquis par la plate-forme. Ces publications représentent environ 320 citations.

Sur la même période, 10 travaux de thèse en interne et autant en externe, ont bénéficié des équipements et de l’expertise de la plateforme.

Publications 2020

Bethencourt, L, Bochet, O, Farasin, J, Aquilina, L, Borgne, T Le, Quaiser, A, Biget, M, Michon-Coudouel, S, Labasque, T, and Dufresne, A. (2020). “Genome Reconstruction Reveals Distinct Assemblages of Gallionellaceae in Surface and Subsurface Redox Transition Zones.” FEMS Microbiology Ecology 96 (5).

Bochet, O, Bethencourt, L, Dufresne, A, Farasin, J, Pédrot, M, Labasque, T, Chatton, E, et al. (2020). “Iron-Oxidizer Hotspots Formed by Intermittent Oxic–Anoxic Fluid Mixing in Fractured Rocks.” Nature Geosciences 13: 149–55.

Cao, F, Jaunat, J, Vergnaud-Ayraud, V, Devau, N, Labasque, T, Guillou, A, Guillaneuf, A, Hubert, J, Aquilina, L, and Ollivier, P. (2020). “Heterogeneous Behaviour of Unconfined Chalk Aquifers Infer from Combination of Groundwater Residence Time, Hydrochemistry and Hydrodynamic Tools.” Journal of Hydrology 581 (February): 124433.

Colléau E. (2020).Géochimie et âge de l'eau souterraine en Estrie en relation avec les problématiques en arsenic et manganèse et la vulnérabilité des puits d'approvisionnement. Mémoire. Québec, Maitrise en sciences de la terre, Université du Québec, Institut national de la recherche scientifique,298p.  

Derrien, M, Choi, H, Jardé, E, Shin, K-H, and Hur, J. (2020). “Do Early Diagenetic Processes Affect the Applicability of Commonly-Used Organic Matter Source Tracking Tools? An Assessment through Controlled Degradation End-Member Mixing Experiments.” Water Research 173: 115588.

Frei, RJ, Abbott, BW, Dupas, R, Gu, S, Gruau, G, Thomas, Z, Kolbe, T, et al. (2020). “Predicting Nutrient Incontinence in the Anthropocene at Watershed Scales.” Frontiers in Environmental Science 7: 200.

Hoffmann, R, Goderniaux, P, Jamin, P, Chatton, E, la Bernardie, J de, Labasque, T, Borgne, T Le, and Dassargues, A. (2020). “Continuous Dissolved Gas Tracing of Fracture-Matrix Exchanges.” Geophysical Research Letters 47 (17): e2020GL088944.

Kolbe, T, Marçais, J, Dreuzy, J-R de, Labasque, T, and Bishop, K. (2020). “Lagged Rejuvenation of Groundwater Indicates Internal Flow Structures and Hydrological Connectivity.” Hydrological Processes 34 (10): 2176–89.

Kreis, M, Taupin, JD, Patris, N, and Martins, ESPR. (2020). “Isotopic Characterisation and Dating of Groundwater Recharge Mechanisms in Crystalline Fractured Aquifers: Example of the Semi-Arid Banabuiú Watershed (Brazil).” Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies, August, 1–13.

Lohrmann, V, Zhang, Q, Michalik, P, Blaschke, J, Müller, P, Jeanneau, L, and Perrichot, V. (2020). “Cretolixon – a Remarkable New Genus of Rhopalosomatid Wasps (Hymenoptera: Vespoidea: Rhopalosomatidae) from Chemically Tested, Mid-Cretaceous Burmese (Kachin) Amber Supports the Monophyly of Rhopalosomatinae.” Fossil Record 23 (2): 215–36.

Monard, C, Jeanneau, L, Garrec, J-L Le, Bris, N Le, and Binet, F. (2020). “Short-Term Effect of Pig Slurry and Its Digestate Application on Biochemical Properties of Soils and Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds.” Applied Soil Ecology 147: 103376.

Néraudeau, D, Martin, J-P Saint, Martin, S Saint, Jeanneau, L, Moreau, J-D, Philippe, M, Polette, F, Gendry, D, Brunet, J, and Tréguier, J. (2020). “Amber- and Plant-Bearing Deposits from the Cenomanian of Neau (Mayenne, France).” Edited by J.-P. Saint Martin and S. Saint Martin. BSGF - Earth Sciences Bulletin 191 (December): 39.

Vautier, C, Abhervé, R, Chatton, E, Labasque, T, and Dreuzy, J-R de. (2020). “A New Method to Quantify Air–Water Gas Exchanges in Streams Based on Slug Injection and Semicontinuous Measurement.” Limnology and Oceanography: Methods 18 (8): 453–65.

Vautier, C, Abhervé, R, Labasque, T, Laverman, AM, Guillou, A, Chatton, E, Dupont, P, Aquilina, L, and Dreuzy, J-R de. (2020). “Mapping Gas Exchanges in Headwater Streams with Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometry.” Journal of Hydrology 581 (February): 124398.

Publications 2019

Burté, L, Cravotta, CA, Bethencourt, L, Farasin, J, Pédrot, M, Dufresne, A, Gérard, M-F, Baranger, C, Borgne, T Le, and Aquilina, L. (2019). “Kinetic Study on Clogging of a Geothermal Pumping Well Triggered by Mixing-Induced Biogeochemical Reactions.” Environmental Science & Technology 53 (10): 5848–57.

Kolbe, T., Dreuzy, J.-R. de, Abbott, B. W., Aquilina, L., Babey, T., Green, C. T., … Pinay, G. (2019). Stratification of reactivity determines nitrate removal in groundwaterProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences116(7), 2494–2499. DOI : 10.1073/PNAS.1816892116

Thomas, Z., Rousseau-Gueutin, P., Abbott, B. W., Kolbe, T., Le Lay, H., Marçais, J., … Pinay, G. (2019). Long-term ecological observatories needed to understand ecohydrological systems in the Anthropocene: a catchment-scale case study in Brittany, FranceRegional Environmental Change19(2), 363–377  DOI : 10.1007/s10113-018-1444-1

Publications 2018

Aquilina, L., Roques, C., Boisson, A., Vergnaud-Ayraud, V., Labasque, T., Pauwels, H., … Bour, O. (2018). Autotrophic denitrification supported by biotite dissolution in crystalline aquifers (1): New insights from short-term batch experimentsScience of The Total Environment619620, 842–853.  DOI : 10.1016/J.SCITOTENV.2017.11.079

Avrahamov, N., Yechieli, Y., Purtschert, R., Levy, Y., Sültenfuß, J., Vergnaud, V., & Burg, A. (2018). Characterization of a carbonate karstic aquifer flow system using multiple radioactive noble gases (3H-3He, 85Kr, 39Ar) and 14C as environmental tracersGeochimica et Cosmochimica Acta242, 213–232.  DOI : 10.1016/J.GCA.2018.09.009

de La Bernardie, J., Bour, O., Le Borgne, T., Guihéneuf, N., Chatton, E., Labasque, T., … Gerard, M.-F. (2018). Thermal Attenuation and Lag Time in Fractured Rock: Theory and Field Measurements From Joint Heat and Solute Tracer TestsWater Resources Research54(12), 10, 10–53, 75. DOI : 10.1029/2018WR023199

de Montety, V., Aquilina, L., Labasque, T., Chatton, E., Fovet, O., Ruiz, L., … de Dreuzy, J. R. (2018). Recharge processes and vertical transfer investigated through long-term monitoring of dissolved gases in shallow groundwaterJournal of Hydrology560, 275–288. DOI : 10.1016/J.JHYDROL.2018.02.077

Erostate, M., Huneau, F., Garel, E., Lehmann, M. F. F., Kuhn, T., Aquilina, L., … Pasqualini, V. (2018). Delayed nitrate dispersion within a coastal aquifer provides constraints on land-use evolution and nitrate contamination in the pastScience of The Total Environment644, 928–940.

Fovet, O., Ruiz, L., Gruau, G., Akkal, N., Aquilina, L., Busnot, S., … Gascuel-Odoux, C. (2018). AgrHyS: An Observatory of Response Times in Agro-Hydro SystemsVadose Zone Journal17DOI : 10.2136/vzj2018.04.0066

Marçais, J., Gauvain, A., Labasque, T., Abbott, B. W., Pinay, G., Aquilina, L., … de Dreuzy, J.-R. (2018). Dating groundwater with dissolved silica and CFC concentrations in crystalline aquifersScience of The Total Environment636, 260–272. DOI : 10.1016/J.SCITOTENV.2018.04.196

Petelet-Giraud, E., Cary, L., Cary, P., Bertrand, G., Giglio-Jacquemot, A., Hirata, R., … Aurouet, A. (2018). Multi-layered water resources, management, and uses under the impacts of global changes in a southern coastal metropolis: When will it be already too late? Crossed analysis in Recife, NE BrazilScience of The Total Environment618, 645–657 DOI : 10.1016/J.SCITOTENV.2017.07.228

Roques, C., Aquilina, L., Boisson, A., Vergnaud-Ayraud, V., Labasque, T., Longuevergne, L., … Bour, O. (2018). Autotrophic denitrification supported by biotite dissolution in crystalline aquifers: (2) transient mixing and denitrification dynamic during long-term pumpingScience of The Total Environment619620, 491–503. DOI : 10.1016/J.SCITOTENV.2017.11.104

Tweed, S., Celle-Jeanton, H., Cabot, L., Huneau, F., De Montety, V., Nicolau, N., … Leblanc, M. (2018). Impact of irrigated agriculture on groundwater resources in a temperate humid regionScience of The Total Environment613614, 1302–1316. DOI :  10.1016/J.SCITOTENV.2017.09.156

Publications 2017

Bertrand, G., Hirata, R., Auler, A., Cruz, F., Cary, L., Petelet-Giraud, E., … Celle-Jeanton, H. (2017). Groundwater isotopic data as potential proxy for Holocene paleohydroclimatic and paleoecological models in NE Brazil. PalaeogeographyPalaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 469, 92–103.  DOI : 10.1016/j.palaeo.2017.01.004

Chatton,E., Labasque, T., de la Bernardie, J., Guihéneuf, N. Bour, O., Aquilina, L. (2017). Field continuous measurements of dissolved gases with a CF-MIMS: applications to the physics and biogeochemistry of groundwater flowEnvironmental Science and Technology. 51(2), 846-854 DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.6b03706

Jean-Baptiste, P., Fourré, E., Gaubi, E., Minster, B., Aquilina, L., Labasque, T., … Ben Mammou, A. (2017). Underground renewal time and mixing of the main mineral waters of Tunisia: A multi-tracer studyApplied Geochemistry, 85, 10–18. DOI : 10.1016/J.APGEOCHEM.2017.08.006 

Yuan, Y.-C., Kamaraj, R., Bruneau, C., Labasque, T., Roisnel, T., & Gramage-Doria, R. (2017). Unmasking Amides: Ruthenium-Catalyzed Protodecarbonylation of N-Substituted Phthalimide DerivativesOrganic Letters, 19(23), 6404–6407. DOI :  10.1021/acs.orglett.7b03278

Publications 2016

Abdallah, R., Djelal, H., Amrane, A., Sayed, W., Fourcade, F., Labasque, T., … Floner, D. (2016). Dark fermentative hydrogen production by anaerobic sludge growing on glucose and ammonium resulting from nitrate electroreductionInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy41(12), 5445–5455.

Chatton, E., Aquilina, L., Pételet-Giraud, E., Cary, L., Bertrand, G., Labasque, T., Hirata, R., Martins, V., Montenegro, S., Vergnaud, V., Aurouet, A., Kloppmann, W., Pauwels, H. (2016). Glacial recharge, salinisation and anthropogenic contamination in the coastal aquifer of Recife (Brazil). Science of The Total Environment. 569-570,1114-1125.

Kersalé, M., Petrenko, A. A., Doglioli, A. M., Nencioli, F., Bouffard, J., Blain, S., … Dekeyser, I. (2016). Lateral diffusivity coefficients from the dynamics of a SF6 patch in a coastal environmentJournal of Marine Systems153, 42–54.

Kolbe, T., Marçais, J., Thomas, Z., Abbott, B. W., de Dreuzy, J.-R., Rousseau-Gueutin, P., … Pinay, G. (2016). Coupling 3D groundwater modeling with CFC-based age dating to classify local groundwater circulation in an unconfined crystalline aquiferJournal of Hydrology543, 31–46.

Raynauld, M., Peel, M., Lefebvre, R., Molson, J. W., Crow, H., Ahad, J. M. E., … Aquilina, L. (2016). Understanding shallow and deep flow for assessing the risk of hydrocarbon development to groundwater qualityMarine and Petroleum Geology78, 728–737.

Santoni, S., Huneau, F., Garel, E., Aquilina, L., Labasque, T., Vergnaud-Ayraud, V., & Al., E. (2016). Quels outils pour la reconnaissance des potentialités aquifères des zones côtières sous forte pression anthropique ? Vers une mise en exploitationdurable des ressources du plateau carbonaté de BonifacioGéologues191, 58–62.

Santoni, S., Huneau, F., Garel, E., Aquilina, L., Vergnaud-Ayraud, V., Labasque,  T. and H. Celle-Jeanton (2016). Strontium isotopes as tracers of water-rocks interactions, mixing processes and residence time indicator of groundwater within the granite-carbonate coastal aquifer of Bonifacio (Corsica, France). Science of the Total Environment. 573, 233-246.

Santoni, S., Huneau, F., Garel, E., Vergnaud-Ayraud, V., Labasque, T., Aquilina, L., Jaunat, J.,Celle-Jeanton, H., (2016). Residence time, mineralization processes and groundwater origin within a carbonate coastal aquifer with a thick unsaturated zoneJournal of Hydrology540, 50-63.

Publications 2015

Abdallah, R., Amrane, A., Djelal, H., Taha, S., Fourcade, F., Labasque, T., … Floner, D. (2015). Energetic valorization of ammonium resulting from nitrate electrochemical reduction—Feasibility of biohydrogen productionBiochemical Engineering Journal94, 145–152.

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Armandine Les Landes, A., Aquilina, L., Davy, P., Vergnaud-Ayraud, V., & Le Carlier, C. (2015). Timescales of regional circulation of saline fluids in continental crystalline rock aquifers (Armorican Massif, western France)Hydrology and Earth System Sciences19(3), 1413–1426.

Ben Maamar, S., Aquilina, L., Quaiser, A., Vergnaud-Ayraud, V., Michon-Coudouel, S., Labasque, T., … Dufresne, A. (2015). Groundwater isolation governs chemistry and microbial community structure along hydrologic flowpathsFrontiers in Microbiology(December), 1–13.

Cary, L., Petelet-Giraud, E., Bertrand, G., Kloppmann, W., Aquilina, L., Martins, V., … Aurouet, A. (2015). Origins and processes of groundwater salinization in the urban coastal aquifers of Recife (Pernambuco, Brazil): A multi-isotope approach. The Science of the Total Environment530-531, 411–29.

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Publications 2014

Abdallah, R., Geneste, F., Labasque, T., Djelal, H., Fourcade, F., Amrane, A., … Floner, D. (2014). Selective and quantitative nitrate electroreduction to ammonium using a porous copper electrode in an electrochemical flow cellJournal of Electroanalytical Chemistry727, 148–153.

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Labasque, T., Aquilina, L., Vergnaud, V., Hochreutener, R., Barbecot, F., & Casile, G. (2014). Inter-comparison exercises on dissolved gases for groundwater dating – (1) Goals of the exercise and site choice, validation of the sampling strategyApplied Geochemistry40, 119–125.

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Publications 2013

Boisson, A., de Anna, P., Bour, O., Le Borgne, T., Labasque, T., & Aquilina, L. (2013). Reaction chain modeling of denitrification reactions during a push-pull test. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology148, 1–11.

Publications 2012

Anglade, J., Billen, G., de Marsily, G., Benoit, M., Barraqué, B., & Vergnaud, V. (2012). Le BAC de la Plaine du Saulce (Auxerrois) : Analyse de la pollution agricole diffuse et esquisse de propositions pour un plan d’action à long terme. Programme PIREN-Seine.  rapport d'activité phase 6

Aquilina, L., Vergnaud-Ayraud, V., Labasque, T., Bour, O., Molénat, J., Ruiz, L., … Longuevergne, L. (2012). Nitrate dynamics in agricultural catchments deduced from groundwater dating and long-term nitrate monitoring in surface- and groundwaters. The Science of the Total Environment435-436, 167–78.

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Leray, S., de Dreuzy, J.-R., Bour, O., Labasque, T., & Aquilina, L. (2012). Contribution of age data to the characterization of complex aquifersJournal of Hydrology464-465, 54–68.

Publications avant 2011

Ayraud, V., Aquilina, L., Labasque, T., Pauwels, H., Molenat, J., Pierson-Wickmann, A.-C., … Davy, P. (2008). Compartmentalization of physical and chemical properties in hard-rock aquifers deduced from chemical and groundwater age analysesApplied Geochemistry23(9), 2686–2707.

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